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Petra Vonk - Born and raised in Cape Town. Multiple business owner, designer, visual artist and abstract thinker. Petra's successes are well known throughout the Design Industry especially her Exhibition Design awards for numerous international clients, "best stand build and innovative design" awards. She specializes in all things colour and light and is well known for creating exceptionally unique design pieces. She is currently the proud owner of Petra Vonk Design and Colourlab Rooftop Venue as well as the newly acquired Creative Studio: STUDIO VOOP. She has an exceptional eye for detail and is passionate about discovering new talent, developing creative minds and assisting individuals in launching their careers.

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Caelyn Robertson - Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa and born to a musician father and artist mother, Caelyn Robertson was exposed to life in the arts from a very young age. 

​As a portrait artist, Caelyn’s subject matter is people and she has experimented with various techniques, with oil being her medium of choice over the years. As a self-taught artist, she has found tremendous fulfilment in expressing herself, discovering her strengths and exploring them to greater depths. She strives to improve her craft with every new portrait she paints. 

She predominantly paints females. Her paintings reflect the warmth, strength, beauty and serenity that are true to the female species at their best! She has an eye for detail and her works are bold and expressive in both colour and technique. She paints from her own photographs. As she has grown in confidence and skill as an artist, so has the scale of her paintings!

At present, she works from her studio in Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa. Caelyn has participated in many group exhibitions locally as well as international shows throughout Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Caelyn is frequently commissioned to paint personal portraits since she started her career in painting and her artworks are now in many private residences throughout South Africa, Europe and USA.

She is represented by Art@Africa, a gallery situated in the Waterfront in Cape Town

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Helen van Stolk - It wasn’t until Helen van Stolk’s corporate high flying career in Retail Property began to interfere with the balance in her life that she started to truly understand the power of art and the freedom creativity brings. 
In 2008, she transitioned into a full-time artist.  In just over a decade, her career has launched into a whole new trajectory as she explores the magic of creating without boundaries – the art of playing, using more colour and working intuitively from within painting large-scale abstracts. 
Helen works from Voop Street Studios in Cape Town.  Prior to this she worked at Frere Street and Eastside Studios. She also shared a studio with Lesley Charnock from mid 2013-2016 and with Margie Johnson from 2010-2013.  She has workshopped with Mary Visser, Jenny Parsons, American artists Martin Campos, Melinda Cootsona, Jessica Serran and British artist Emily Ball. 
She is represented by Art in the Yard (Franschhoek), StateoftheART (Cape Town) and Cape Gallery.  She has had five successful solo exhibitions, has been featured in various magazine publications, was selected as a Veluka finalist at ArtB, has been awarded Fellowship of the South African Society of Artists and has won numerous awards.   
Her work is in homes and collections all over the world.

Vanessa Berlein is a South African artist. Primarily a painter, throughout her career she has explored and worked in many mediums, including, photography, various print mediums and sculpture. Her work has been and continues to be exhibited in South Africa and abroad.

 Berlein works across a broad spectrum of subjects, from portraiture to landscapes, abstraction to botanical study. Now in her 50's and having worked consistently as an artist for over 30 years, subjects, mediums and technique are beginning to merge in her work. Where her botanical paintings were mostly small in scale, they are now as oversized as her portraits have always been. Landscapes have merged with abstraction, and the use of thread, metal leafing and industrial products have begun to be incorporated in all of her works.

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Monica Blignaut is a South African multidisciplinary artist who creates paintings, sculptures and installation art.

Monica's paintings use broken-colour techniques with short "broken" brush strokes that are not blended or shaded but instead layered to capture the essence of the subject, rather than mimic all its details. She plays with colour theory and experiments away traditional divisionism sometimes using monochromatic colour schemes with vibrant accent colours.

Monica’s subject matter currently explores landscape painting. She was drawn to this subject matter during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way of dealing with the uncertainties of the global pandemic. She looks at the world through a painterly gaze drawing inspiration from still-life depictions, landscapes, and city scenes of the city of Cape Town and her travels around the world.

Rebecca Goldberg - Born in London, Rebecca Goldberg’s love for painting began at an early age. Her exploration of Art continued at university where she majored in painting at the Michaelis School of Fine Art.

Rebecca has worked extensively in art education, developing a particular interest in art therapy and the potential of art for authentic self expression. A deep love and concern for the natural world shapes her work.

Rebecca has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in the UK and in Cape Town. She works from Studio Voop in Cape Town, and her cottage in the Cederberg mountains.

Helen Searra - Helen lives in Cape Town and has been an active creative since a young age. She has trained in both fashion and interior design. She has studied and worked in acrylic and oil painting, charcoal and pencil drawing, life drawing, portraiture and abstract painting and ceramics.

Her work currently consists of abstract paintings, collages, portraiture and landscapes, including repurposed materials. Helen is a trained life coach and processes her journey of life through colour and a sense of humour.

Paul Painting (b1974- ) studied graphic design at the Technikon Witwatersrand (1993-95). Finding that commercial art satisfied little of his creative motives, Painting went on to balance his passion for traditional painting techniques with his fascination for filmmaking.

Though the two mediums are discrete in his production, there remains an undeniable exchange of ideas between them. His preoccupations centre on the self; expressed through a syntax of deeply personalized symbols and ambiguous constructions while remaining figurative in nature.

He has held a number of successful solo exhibitions and participated widely in group shows around the country. Lately, he has explored the materials of ceramics and worked towards integrating the sculptural and the pictorial .

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Alice Fouche is a South African artist and painter.  Alice studied Interior Architecture at Greenside Design college and soon realised that "straight lines" is not for her. Alice ventured into photography and loved it.

Alice then started exploring painting and has been practising as an abstract artist working mostly with oils.  Alice is known for her technique of applying layers and layers of heavy body texture in oils and creating a 3d effect with her work. Alice loves using bold and bright colours in her art and is mostly inspired by all the photos of nature and herself.

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Janine Le Roux was born in Cape Town in 1968.

Her love for art came at an early age and after matriculating she could not imagine her world without art in it. She studied at Art Directors Workshop for 3 years and attended various short courses at Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock. Photography, Interior design, architecture,  music and nature inspire her.

She worked in the advertising industry for 28 years. Her art doesn’t have a specific style even though she feels she would like to spend some time finding her true organic self now and see what style will appear. So her art being oil on canvas and more recently ceramics has been driven by her personal experiences, memories, dreams, emotions and traumas which have up to now made up her creative journey.

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist as we grow up.” - Pablo Picasso

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